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My husband + I ~ Feb. 2016

About  Smitten Paper Co.

I’m Sasha, the designer behind SPC’s creations....and that handsome guy in the photo with me is Jack, my husband and the business mind behind SPC. It’s really good to meet you {we love meeting fun + awesome couples}.

We had our own non-traditional wedding in Feb 2016 - it was intimate, wonderful, and FULL of love and non-stop partying. To us, that’s what a wedding should be. A celebration of your love while surrounded by the people you love.

We got married in a small local greenhouse - it wasn’t a “venue” - they hadn’t had a wedding there in 10 years! It was super intimate with only our immediate families (all that could fit!) Our friend, who also happens to be an AMAZING photographer (Tendai Gomo) took pics the whole time. The photo above is us getting out of the NYC subway train to head to the bar where we met up with tons of friends after the ceremony to party the night away.

And we partied. It was one of the best days ever. And everything about it was different, fun, and focused on love + celebration.

If any of that sounds like how you feel about your big day, we’d love to work with you. It totally makes our day to get to be part of your love celebration. Let’s party.

p.s. If you want your wedding to be featured on SPC, be sure to get on “THE list.” We’d love to celebrate with you by showing off your fun pics + telling your story. And we’ll also send you some cool free stuff. That’s pretty awesome.

With love,
Sasha + Jack Mitten ~ Smitten

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